Required for Welding 590-980 MPa Steel on ALL Honda and Acura Models. This Wire is required for Honda & Acura ProFirst Collision Repair Facilities.
This wire is required to satisfy the manufacturer’s specification requirement for welding repairs. Replacement equivalent to product number DS980J.
When you perform MAG welding on high strength steel (HSS), it is necessary to meet or exceed the panel tensile strength with the welding wire. This welding wire should be used when welding HSS between 590 MPa and 980 MPa (86 ksi and 142 ksi). Using a lower tensile strength welding wire will result in a weaker than intended weld joint resulting in an improper repair.


980 MPa (142 ksi) Tensile High strength weld matches up to 980 MPa (142 ksi) steel

Product Specification:

At 0.2% Proof Stress: 930 MPa (135 ksi)
Tensile Strength:980 MPa (142 ksi)
Weight (1 Roll): 5 kg (11 lbs.)
Wire Diameter: 0.8 mm $370.00 Manufactured in Germany

Shielding Gas:

80%/20% Ar/CO2 (C20)